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Deborah Levy
Post by Deborah Levy | 17 September 2014

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Some of our top stories include:

– Azlan makes professional service simple
– Projectors show strong gains

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The shift to subscription licensing on Acrobat is a big opportunity for Adobe partners

Deborah Levy
Post by Deborah Levy | 9 September 2014

Tech Data UK is backing Adobe’s move to make its best-selling Acrobat PDF creation software available via the company’s Value Incentive Plan (VIP) agreement, making the software available under subscription as well as perpetual licensing for the first time. No minimum license purchase is required, so businesses of all sizes can join the scheme.

The change in policy is highly significant and will accelerate the move towards subscription licensing across the entire Adobe family, says Richard Lees, Business Development Manager for Adobe at Tech Data.

“Acrobat generates a huge revenue stream for a large number of Adobe’s channel partners, so this is very significant news. It makes Acrobat a much more attractive option for every business and under subscription licensing it will be easier to manage, so it will be more affordable as well. It’s a big opportunity not only to attract and entice new customers into the Adobe family, but also to encourage further adoption and closer engagement with existing customers.”

For more information visit Tech Data UK’s press release page Release&c=Detail&SystemPage=yes&PId=1&ID=218&MenuId=1109&corpregionid=14&Culture=en-GB


Get ready to Focus on Healthcare!

Deborah Levy
Post by Deborah Levy | 8 September 2014

Following on from the success of our Virtual Classroom and Virtual Office Room, we have launched the Virtual Hospital. The Virtual Hospital is a great tool for selling to healthcare organisations such as doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. If you have not yet visited it, we strongly advise you take a look around and see for yourself just how effective this unique resource can be.

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Deborah Levy
Post by Deborah Levy | 27 August 2014

Basingstoke, 27 August 2014 – Tech Data UK has signed a distribution agreement with Seal Shield and is looking to take the company’s range of waterproof and washable keyboards and infection-proof covers for tablets mobiles to a wider market.

Seal Shield is a world leader in infection control technology, specialising in washable electronics and antimicrobial science. The firm designs, develops and manufactures medical-grade infection prevention technology that can be used in hospitals, the home and the workplace. In addition to including waterproof keyboards, it offers a range of mice, TV remote controls and protection products for smart phones and tablets.

Research-based evidence has shown that computer keyboards and other input devices are a source of bacteria and cross-contamination that can contribute to the spread of infections in healthcare settings, schools and in communal environments. As a consequence, washable keyboards, mice, TV remotes and mobile products with antimicrobial product protection are becoming more widely used in the healthcare sector and with awareness of the need for infection control rising the workplace and the home, Tech Data sees promise in the wider public sector and in the consumer and business markets too.

Tech Data will take the Seal Shield range into new markets with new partners, said Simon Hughes, Category Manager for Components at the distributor. “Seal Shield has a growing presence in the healthcare market in the UK and that’s an opportunity that’s growing and we’ll be addressing through our dedicated Public Sector team. We also see great potential for Seal Shied products in education and in the consumer and business markets. Awareness of infection control is now much greater and both health-conscious employers and home users will be eager to learn more about washable accessories and covers. As well as resellers specialising in health and education, we will be looking to work with partners addressing retail and B2B.”

Bradley Whitchurch, Seal Shield President and CEO at Seal Shield, stated: “With growing concerns about antibiotic-resistant bugs and pandemics across the globe, there’s also a huge demand outside of US markets for medical-grade peripherals to help prevent infections due to cross-contamination. The distribution agreement with Tech Data UK increases access to our innovative products which benefits everyone.

With immediate effect Seal Shield’s comprehensive range of protective casings for Apple iPhone and iPad tablets, medical-grade mice, and keyboards that are waterproof and antimicrobial are available from Tech Data. Whitchurch added: “In addition to our waterproof keyboards that come in various form factors and languages. We manufacture hygienic mice, remotes and mobility products – all are fully submersible for deep cleaning and are protected with Silver Seal™, an antimicrobial, fungistatic additive which reduces the growth of mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria on the product’s surfaces. The combination of waterproof technology and antimicrobial product protection achieves the highest level of protection for our customers.”


Tech Data helps pursuit technology make use of SAP financing to secure important contract

Deborah Levy
Post by Deborah Levy | 26 August 2014

Basingstoke, 18 August 2014 – Tech Data UK has successfully assisted one of its reseller customers, accredited SAP partner, Pursuit Technology, to secure an important piece of business by making use of SAP’s financing scheme.

Located just outside York, Pursuit Technology has over 15 years experience in custom data and reporting solutions development on SAP Business Objects Enterprise, SAP Crystal Reports and supporting technologies. Most of the company’s business comes from consultancy and development work and when the requirement to supply 250 licenses for SAP Crystal Server presented itself, Pursuit was eager to help its customer, but needed to find a way to finance this major five-figure sale.

Andrew Baines, Director of Pursuit Technology explains: “The customer is a software developer that supplies schools, which meant that they would not be paid until September. We are relatively small and don’t do that many product sales, so financing the business was an issue. We looked at pushing it out until September, but that wasn’t possible.”

The software supplier needed to install its system and have Crystal Server fully integrated and stable before by the start of the autumn term. Whilst Tech Data could have extended credit to Pursuit, the reseller would have been in a vulnerable position had it passed on the credit to its own customer. Baines had seen email communications and spoken to Tech Data about SAP financing in the past and decided to explore this option.

Getting on board with the SAP financing scheme was easy, he says. “Tech Data simply put us in touch with the relevant people at SAP and after that it was pretty straightforward. There were some small blips but they were soon sorted and in the end the whole process took about two weeks. From our side, it was a doddle.”

With the business successfully financed through SAP, Pursuit was able to deliver the Crystal Server licenses and get paid right away. Its developer customer was able to deliver a fully integrated solution on time and the software company is able to spread the payments for the software over two-years.

The SAP financing is available to all SAP resellers and in many cases can be arranged at zero percent. For more information, resellers should contact Matt Cook, Business Development Manager for SAP at Tech Data – email

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